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Texting While Driving In Texas Texting while driving seems to get many people into unwanted problems hence, it should be banned in Texas to get rid of unnecessary problems and killings. However, people still do not seem to get it and keep on getting distracted while driving by the calling of social life. Although they have tried twice, Texas' ban of texting while driving seems to always get vetoed. The citizens do not appear to realize how dangerous such occurrences can actually be. The Texas lawmakers heatedly debated whether to ban texting while driving, which resulted in 102-40 for the ban. (Barnett) People seem to use the excuse of their unalienable rights to keep on losing themselves while driving instead of paying attention to whatever is ahead of them. That is also the reason why texting while driving is increasing the crash rates even outside of Texas, as you can see stated in "90+ Texas Cities are Hands-Free / Ban Texting and Driving", "In 2013 alone, 3,154 people in the U.S. were killed in …show more content…

(Blanchard) There would be less car crashes in Texas and a decrease in death rates if it were to be banned however, he has vetoed the law. Even if just glancing at the phone, there is no reason for people to be using their phone when driving, if it is necessary, they could always park in a side and take care of their business before proceeding to go to their destination. Paying a small fine is better than killing someone and creating an irreversible accident. Although there would be negative consequences if texting while driving would be banned and you were to be caught, it is better than regretting and living with shame once a calamity were to occur because of your carelessness and stubborn self. Texting while driving should be banned to decrease these irrational happenings that could easily be avoided if only people would stop giving their attention to a cellphone instead of the road

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