Text Approach To Grammar Teaching

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The communicative approach and the CAPS document approach to grammar teaching
The purpose of this essay is to critically comment on the communicative approach and the CAPS document approach to teaching grammar. We will explore the meaning of communicative approach as well as what it entails Experiences of language learning in the FET phase and first year university students’ proficiency or lack thereof in the receptive and productive language skills will also be taken into account. A comparison between the communicative approach and the CAPS document approach will be conducted to provide a better view regarding grammar teaching.
Richard (2006:2) defines communicative teaching approach as “a set of principles about the goals of language teaching,
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This statement acknowledges that grammar competence is essential for the acquisition of all the other language skills. According to CAPS (2011:15) grammar and vocabulary need to be taught in situations and activities with a specific focus on those aspects of language so that grammatical rules can be taught. It means that it is important for the grammar rule to be taught and activities that focus on those specific aspects of grammar be given. However it equally important for the learners to utilise their acquired knowledge in different contexts. (Rama and Agullo, 2012) on one hand documents that the shallow-end Communicative Language Teaching is based on the idea that in order for a learner to become an efficient communicator they need to first learn the grammatical rules. In this sense, they believe that there should be room for both communicative and grammar teaching in a classroom and thus complement what the CAPS document. However on the other hand Rama and Agullo contend that the deep-end approach to Communicative Teaching Language is based on the belief that gramma is acquired unconsciously during the performance on those communicative situations, so it would be useless to teach grammar previously and explicitly. In this sense communicative approach is in direct contradiction with the CAPS document. The CAPS (2011:15) envisages that both the communicative approach and grammar teaching are equally important for learners to acquire language proficiency. The CAPS document put emphasis on the learning of the language rule as well utilisation thereof acquired language. In contrast the communicative language deems learning of language rules as of no

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