Text Language And Text Production In Mass Communication And Language

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In linguistics, the term ‘text’ refers anything that is written or the provision of original words of something written, printed, or spoken for use while ‘production’ refers to the act of manufacturing or making something. According to Barthes (1977), text production is an area which studies the production process resulting in a text. Text production is mostly used in mass communication and media; it includes production studies and the text by focusing on the ways in which the production considers interpretation.
Text production is also seen as an umbrella term for all services that involve writing of texts in a specified order taking into account the type of text, the purpose of the text and the people who the text is intended to. Texts can be produced in many different languages e.g. English texts, Sepedi texts etc. text in some cases is a neutral term that is often equated to literature and literary work.
Texting is the act of sending messages using devices from one device to another, text messages can be used to order products, to interact, to promote. Texts revolve around the interpretation and a text can be a book or another printed or written document e.g. textbook, magazine, novel or a proposal.
Lemke (1994) states that text production can be a process whereas in some cases it can be a perspective, it is a process in a sense that it selects feature for successive clause resulting in a text that has texture. The text produced can be creative (e.g. a narrative or

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