Text Messaging Disadvantages

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Text messaging has changed the world over the past years. It has become an essential mode of communication in this world. Text messaging or short message service (SMS) is a communication method where one can send text message using their hand phone or computer (Erickson, 2012). Text messaging has become very efficient, individualistic and straightforward. When we are in meetings or in class and there is an emergency, we will know immediately. If we are busy with work and someone wants to reach us, we can simply drop a text message stating that we will return the call. This simple method of communication has won the hearts of millions over the years and is very much appreciated by everyone. However, there are adverse effects of this communication method. In this essay we will not only see the downside but we will take a look at the positive aspects of text messaging.
Communication has become easier with the evolution of text messaging. We are able to send information without having to leave our seats. In United States of America (U.S.A) people sent around 4.1 billion text messages per day (Eastman, 2013). Texting tend to encourage rapid fire and single-sentence thoughts that we will not be achieved during face-to-face conversations. Text messaging increase possibilities of small talk and can be a great opportunity to build friendship. People use text messaging for coordinating. People text each other to coordinate their plans and meetings. It can be either a mass text or
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