Text Messaging Ruining English Language Analysis

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Good Afternoon and welcome back to this week’s episode of Dr. Majumdar & Company. Today we will be exploring the Realms of Abbreviations and analysing their effects on the English language. There have been several questions from our viewers and I hope to discuss them throughout this episode…so without further ado let’s get started! Abbreviations are shortened forms of words or phrases and slang is a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, commonly seen in speech than writing. Yet slangs are becoming more and more common within students’ writing due to their long exposure to it through technology! Don’t get me wrong, slangs and abbreviations are a wonderful thing in the English language as it…show more content…
Everyone has a phone in their hands and are constantly texting in a specific manner. These people including myself are using slang such as LOL for laugh out loud or BRB for be right back. Texting language utilizes acronyms and abbreviations at their advantage to speed up conversations in obtaining ideas or information. Thus, the quicker the conversations, the simpler they can be resulting in a lack of understanding knowledge or information gained. Recent findings have suggested that schoolchildren in the 1960s and 1970s are more literate than children of today as they didn’t have the same access to technology and spelling correction tools like children today do. It is evident that text messaging is alienating English speakers from their native tongue and natives who wish to learn the language as there are so many new words to be learnt due more abbreviations or slang words being constantly added. Many teachers are intolerant to these slangs and abbreviations which the students prefer as the teachers believe that their students cannot express themselves eloquently. Yet, a study by Sali Tagliamonte shows that students who utilize both informal and formal writing in different contexts are developing a kind of blending of conversational registers employed by teens which not be possible without a sophisticated understanding of both languages. Also, many new abbreviations such ICYMI for in case you missed it or TL/DR for too long didn’t read are consistently being added, wasting more time on searching up what they mean rather than actually using them in conversations. Ultimately, yes text messaging influences English but doesn’t ruin the language. It rather develops it to be fresh and appealing to today’s society which can have bring some consequences in students’
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