Textiles During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Textiles during the Industrial Revolution
By Tylah Roser

The Industrial Revolution is the modern history of changing agriculture, the hand crafting economy, and the creativity of machine works. The Industrial Revolution occurred from 1750 to 1901. Things that arose during the Industrial Revolution were more housing, improved transportation and factories to make the production process faster. What is textiles? Textiles is the development of knitting or weaving of cotton to create clothing or goods. Textiles was a key part of the Industrial Revolution because it changed from domestic work which is doing it all by hand to factory work when most of the hard work was done by machines.

Throughout the Industrial Revolution textile machines were
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textiles were focused to be a women’s job this was because sewing and production of cloths was a job for people with small, skinny and delicate hands this was meaning women (Wilde, 2017). They were most likely to go to textiles for work and this meant that they were not looked after, got paid little money and developed many injuries along the way of their working experience. Due to women being in textiles more than children and men they were the least paid. Factories led to short-term impacts on women and other people (Education Serviced Australia, 2010). Some of these impacts were not being able to wear shoes to prevent fire and people stood on needles and other sharp objects, when women had cuts all over them and not being in a clean environment this led to illnesses and health issues. (Reese, 2016) During the Industrial Revolution women got paid 5 pence per week which is equal to 14 cents.

Textiles was a difficult job for women, children and men. These people had to go through some vast long term effects (Sea.ac, 2003). One of the good long term effects that women got to go through was having to work less hours a day, the women went from working around 20 hour to now around 12-15. Some of the bad long term impacts that women had to go through was illnesses that were deadly from an unclean

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