Persuasive Essay On Texting And Driving In The United States

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I assume the law about texting and driving should be passed. Texting and driving creates so many problems. You shall not be distracted from the road for longer than 10 seconds. That’s enough time for so much stuff to happen. That’s why assume feel like the law should be passed. Texting and driving isn’t good because you could be into a car accident. You can cause so many deaths with just glancing off of the road. Many times that people are texting and driving there is an accident. Nearly 300,000 injuries are caused and created by texting and driving. Automobile accidents are a major cause of death in America. Driver inattention, which includes the use of cell phones, is the leading cause of traffic accidents of which texting while driving is considered the most dangerous part of using a cell phone. Texting and driving is always a problem people people always die or get injured. 11 teens die every day with the…show more content…
Then BOOM! you crash and only kill Yourself but you Also take someone else life because you hit the wall and fly into someone else which makes them crash and die. Can you Live with that? The problems that driving while texting or messing with your phone he may cause can be life or death situations. Did you know that “distracted driving” was the 2009 word of the year according to Webster’s Dictionary? But unfortunately, this is no passing fad. Distracted driving has become a trend with deadly, real consequences. In 2009, nearly 5,500 people were killed and a half million more were injured in distracted driving crashes. For those who think they can do two things at once, think about this: According to a study by Carnegie Mellon, driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37 percent. Can you really a ord to lose that much brainpower? Driving is an activity that requires your full attention and focus in order to keep yourself and others
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