Texting And Driving Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay Technology these days is constantly advancing. With all the new smartphones and gadgets, people are becoming more and more easily distracted with every new innovation. This can cause a problem in many areas of your life. You may become addicted to your smartphone which can sometimes pose a physical threat, especially when you are driving. Texting or calling while driving can subtract from the attention you are giving to your surrounding, and poses a serious hazard to the citizens around you. While there are ways to avoid texting and driving, there will always be some individuals who will choose to text and drive, so the only way to ensure that people do not text and drive is to put laws in place that punish folks who decide to put others in harm’s way. Cell phones and smartphones are a huge advantage in today’s society. They allow us to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, etc… This technology is normally beneficial, but there are times when you need to put your phone aside and pay attention to what is physically happening around you. One of these times is when you…show more content…
Although everyone may sneak in a quick text every now and then, it is nothing compared to those who blatantly disregard their surroundings and give more attention to their phone than the road. Texting and driving laws should not have to be put in place, but it is because of these smartphone over-users that they are needed. It is the only way to ensure the most safety for the biggest amount of citizens. I personally was almost in a terrible wreck due to my father texting and driving, but after that day, my dad swore to never text and drive and that he would never threaten someone’s life in such a way ever again. Yes there are ways to avoid texting and driving, but the only way to grant the greatest amount of safety to the most people is to pass texting and driving laws to make America’s roads safe
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