Texting And Driving Persuasive Speech

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Using a handheld is becoming more of a problem as we enter the age of technology. Phones are slowly becoming easier to use and more of a distraction. In almost all states texting is completely illegal while operating a vehicle. Unfortunately none of the fifty states have a ban on cell phones all together, but a couple are starting to make restrictions (NCSL). Without drivers using handhelds while driving, there would be fewer crashes, people would follow the speed limit, and less people would drive recklessly. With an overall ban on cell phones driving would be overall safer. What action on a drivers handheld is worth their life? Cell phone use while driving causes 1.6 million crashes per year. The average text takes up to five seconds of a driver’s attention away from the road. The average person going fifty-five miles per hour, can be distracted for the length of one full football field (Edgar Snyder and Associates). Car crashes cannot be fully prevented, but extremely reduced. Some crashes are fatal killing innocent families. People take away mothers and children to respond to stupid texts to their buddies. Whatever a driver has to say, it can wait until the car is stopped. Most times when I am driving, I look over at cars driving fifteen over and they are most likely are on the phone. The designed…show more content…
Rather than making sure drivers are not breaking laws, everybody should stay clear of technology. Who wants a hundred dollar ticket, when it could have been avoided by waiting ten minutes to respond to a text? Using a handheld while driving can more likely cause reckless driving. Reckless driving can be punished by a fine or suspension of one’s license. With the rising laws and law enforcement presence, there are less ways to get away with using handhelds. As I am part of the population that is terrified by drivers who text and drive. I can only hope laws become stricter, restricting cell phone use as a
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