Texting And Driving Restrictions Essay

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The United States Department of Transportation notes that cell phones are involved in 1.6 million auto crashes each year that cause a half million injuries and the loss of 6,000 lives (Lois Collins and Majorie Cortez). Texting and driving has been an issue ever since the early 2000s and continues to be a problem today. There are fact’s made by researchers to show how many people die from distracted driver’s. Many people believe that there are not enough laws or people getting caught so that it does not happen anymore. Texting and driving should have more restrictions because of all of the dangers that come with texting and driving. People are concerned about how much this is going on while driving that parents are worried more about a child’s safety from other drivers rather than, how good of a driver their child is. They say that there…show more content…
Even with the possibility to put in new laws and put more police officers on duty it still does not guarantee people not using their devices while driving. People do think that texting and driving restrictions are what we need however this is not be as stated by the Dallas Morning News.”[12 Texas cities with cell phone found no consistent reduction of distracted driving wrecks after cities enacted bans]”(Tom Benning). Just shows that even though the government officials put in place these bans the people living in the town did not follow the bans and the accidents continued. Instead of the bans/ restrictions people should consider alternatives should be classes that educate teens about the dangers. Many companies have came up with ways to help people see the effects of texting and driving, such as the company AT&T.” During AT&T -sponsored events, students had the opportunity to safely simulate texting while driving, exposing them to the potentially fatal dangers of their actions”(Gregg MacDonald). A solution like this could be the answer to texting and driving by having classes set up similarly to AT&T 's
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