Texting Distraction

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How often do people send text messages? I am afraid the answer to that question for most of us is way too many times per day. Texting creates lots of problems in our society. Texting deteriorates people 's face to face communication skills, causes more car accidents, and can be addictive.
Texting causes people to lose their social skills of face to face communication because they get so used to typing things to others, therefore they never have to look them in the eye and say something. ¨Finger of Speech" is article on how much prevalent texting is becoming. “Texting is easy. It’s familiar. We are at home in our messaging apps.” ("finger of speech"). People are becoming so at home in our texting conversations that we are losing our communication
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"Texting Distractions" is an article that tells about accidents that can occur due to the distraction of texting. “While texting can certainly be seen as one of the most important communication methods in use today, it also poses some serious challenges, particularly in that it can be a major distraction that can lead to injury and even death.” (Texting Distractions). This quote tells us more about the dangers of texting. In "Finger of Speech" it speaks about lots of things that come of texting. "The use of cell phones for texting has become one of the most prominent digital distractions in modern society." (Texting Distractions). This shows the negative effects of texting Some laws have been passed against texting and driving but it has not done much to stop people from doing it. Texting is a huge distraction that can lead to car wrecks and other…show more content…
Text messaging is becoming a global thing. ¨By the end of 2008, there were more than 3 billion SMS users around the world.¨ (Text Messaging Goes Global). Texting has been so prominent in our society that as of 2008 it was a global. This is a good sign because it shows that we are a nation that communicates well with each other but, the problem with this is that texting is overused and people are becoming addicted to it. Texting has its´ share of positives but when comparing the negatives to the positives it is clear that texting has a negative effect on society.
Texting has an overall negative effect on society. It is causing car accidents and other tragedies, teens and even adults are becoming addicted to it, and it is causing loss of communication skills. Texting is causing the loss of communication skills. Texting is becoming so prevalent that it is taking over the way we interact with each others. Texting is a huge distraction. It leads to many car accidents and causes lots of fatalities. Texting is addictive among teens. Texting leads to all kinds of negative
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