English Influence On Language

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Language gives the ability to convey ideas. It has existed for at least 80,000 years, marking the time when human beings started communicating. But, where do languages come from? There are two ways; the first is evolutionary, since the first humans interacted with each other and shared their ideas through vocals. “To understand his fellows and to be understood by them, men were impelled to the production of language without which they could not communicate with each other.” (Shah). Writing evolved soon after. The other source is ontological that is the natural ability of an individual human to speak and understand. “The human brain comes equipped with a hard-wired universal grammar—a language instinct. This would explain why children learn…show more content…
Texting is not proper writing, it is more like casual speech that does not have all the formalities present in writing, and is more like spoken language, that is getting complex and catching the public eye over the years. The social media slangs are even being used excessively in daily conversations, especially amongst teenagers.
This has also included some new words and new meanings to words in the dictionary like “googled” or “tweeted”. Some entirely new words like the verb 'to google', or look something up on a search engine, and the noun 'app', used to describe programs for smartphones, have either been recently invented or come into popular use (Kleinman).

People also try to form new words using word play to impress their peers, in the context of the latest social media hype- memes and puns, which hit public and become well-known in no time. There is always something new trending on social media every week. Entertainment aside, this is simply the case of bad usage of language that stimulates the process of changes in the English language and deviates people from the proper and correct use of the language. People do not even realize they are using the wrong language as it has become so common nowadays, as a startling
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