Texting Is Ruining English Language Essay

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Today many people believe that texting and other instant messaging programs are ruining the grammar and the knowledge level of the growing youth of this day and age. I believe that texting is not ruining our language and grammar because it has brought about advancements in technology and creativity, new words, and opening up new paths for communication. Many people believe that texting is a scourge of our generation but few believe that it help. Many new things have come to exist with the technological advances such as texting. some parents feel like the technology use is too important in a child 's life but I urge them to look at it differently. The parents need to look at the safety factor, without a cellular device that can send texts, calls or instant messages, your child will have a harder time communicating with friends and more importantly, the parent. As many parents might think the use of a cellular device or the Texting, IMing, e-mailing -- anything, in fact, that 's not immediate and face-to-face -- has a bonus, notes Nathan Freier, Ph.D., a professor at Rensselaer…show more content…
Flash mob- a large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, typically organized by means of the Internet or social media.
Geekery- obsessive interest in or enthusiasm for a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest. Yet another reason that texting is good for the generation that we are in now is the evolution of communication. Throughout the years we have created satellites , satellite arrays, cellular devices. From the creation of the WWW (world wide web) then to the creation of facebook, one of the most famous social media websites on the internet. From the traditional cell phone to the iphone the evolution of communication in the last 30 years is astounding. advancements in communication can bring forth advancements in medicine, more communication, military application and many
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