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I was at a family reunion where I had a conversation with my aunt who is a high school English teacher. She was telling me how she had been grading essays written by her students and what she found was horrifying. They were using no periods, commas or capital letters. They were struggling to form complete sentences and instead using shorthand. My aunt claims that texting is ruining language because teenagers are breaking the conventional linguistic rules of spelling and punctuation. Being a millennial and writer myself, I had to step back and think about this. I love the convenience of sending a quick text message instead of actually having to call someone. But I also love to write. It 's my job.
So is texting ruining language? The answer
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If you went over, you had to pay extra. As a result, shorthand and abbreviations were required. With the introduction of smartphones, there is no limit to the amount of text that can be sent. Smartphones also include autocorrect which automatically corrects misspelled words. Text language is no longer frequently used because message nowadays are made up of full words and sentences. The older generation will always complain about the younger generation and how they are ruining everything. Here we are just seeing another example of it play out. Instead, why don 't we talk about the positive aspects of texting? Texting helps teenagers form more concise thoughts, which is valued by standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. Through texting, Kids are writing on a daily basis, something that they would normally not have done and are being taught to employ different ways of communication.
Of course there will always be kids who are unable to go back and forth between the two languages, like the ones my aunt is talking about, but just because I type OMG when texting or I chose to leave out a period does not mean that I am unable to form a complete sentence. I am just choosing not to because the language does not require

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