Texting While Driving Crime

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The exchange of money between two consenting adults should not be a crime. If both parties agree on the amount of money and the activity they are preforming, there should be no problem. The idea that a law exist that you can be arrested by having consensual sex with a person is repulsive. What happens between you and another person is between you and them. There should be no other parties involved. Taking a candy bar from a store without paying for it should be a crime, but not as serve crime. When you do take a candy bar from a store, it cuts into the profits of the store. It may seem that if one candy bar is taken it will not be noticed. But if more and more candy bar are stolen, then it will have a great affect to the store. Public drunkenness should be considered a crime.…show more content…
Texting while driving should be considered a crime. The idea that you value your time with your phone over watching the road is horrible. Texting while driving is a horrible crime that should be punished. It only take a few second of looking away from your phone to lead to someone’s death. There is no reason that a person needs to read the text message over watching the road. If there is some reason a person needs to read that message, they could simply pull into a parking lot or onto the side of the road to read the

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