Texting While Driving

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Can your phone wait? Using a cell phone while driving is one of the most common causes for accidents. Statistics show that three of every five accidents is caused by a distracted driver. When driving people should be free of distractions in order to focus on where they 're going and getting there safely. Texting and answering phone calls while driving are very imminent threats to your life and others. Most states are taking this threat seriously and imposing laws to make using your phone while driving, illegal. Texting while driving is an enormous irresponsibility. When driving you 're taking everyone on the roads life in your hands, not only your own. People think "I 'm only looking down for a second.", but it only takes a…show more content…
Teenagers pose the biggest threat because they are constantly on their phones believing they can simultaneously text and drive. Statistics prove that eight of every ten texting accidents is caused by a teen driver. Making it illegal to use phones when driving would initially decrease this problem. Answering phone calls while driving is just as terrible if not worse than texting. Maybe when talking on the phone you 're still able to watch the road, but your focus is on who is talking to and what they 're talking about. If an argument starts, becoming upset will only cause your driving to be worse. Hundreds of accidents are caused daily by talking on the phone. Driving while emotional isn 't a good idea to begin with and adding cell phone use to the mix makes it even worse. In conclusion using cell phones while driving should be illegal in all states. Even though some people disagree, thinking that they should be able to use their phones when driving, because there could be an emergency they need to be aware of as soon as it happens. But answering that call or text could cause them to end up in a dangerous situation themselves. So in order to keep the streets safe for everyone across the country, there should be laws in every state imposing no cell phone use while diving. My
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