Texting While Driving Speech

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I could hear the ambulance rushing to the accident. It's sad to see someone so young go away so early. The car was literally torn in half. Another senseless death caused by texting and driving. In my opinion texting while driving is not only against the law but it sets a bad example for others. Every day drivers who choose to text risk their own life as well as yours. These are car accidents that don't have to happen. In 2011 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones, that's 1.3 million crashes. These can be easily prevented by turning off the phone while in the car. Another way to stop this problem would be to let the passengers answer text or calls. Not only is texting while driving dangerous, it's against the law. People break the law every day by texting while driving. Currently 44 states have bans on texting while driving even though it's…show more content…
Breaking the law or getting a ticket is definitely a negative effect. These violations are costly and can raise your insurance rates. You could also lose your drivers license. You might not realize it, but texting while driving sets a bad example for others. There are many ways to set bad examples of texting while driving. Kids watch parents, parents watch parents and drivers watch drivers. A recent survey stated , 75% of teens say their friends text and drive and 77% say their parents text and drive. When people see other people texting, they might think it is okay to text and drive. Texting while driving is clearly dangerous for several reasons. I have shown how car accidents, breaking the law and setting a bad example are three negative effects of texting while driving . Using your phone in the car can risk your family, your car and your money . You can wreck your family or someone else's forever. What if texting and driving was legal what would the world be looking ke today? In my opinion texting while driving should be out lawed world
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