Texting's Negative Effects On Social Interaction

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In my opinion as a society we text too much, and it is starting to negatively impact our social interaction. Everyday teens, adults, and even kids are sending or receiving texts. As a society we need to learn social interaction skills to help us for upcoming events in our lives. For example a job interview, you won 't be applying for a job through text or words; you 'll either engage them through a meeting or a video/audio call. Texting is making us unaware of our environment, peers, and even our families. Even though Technology is a great and useful tool, it 's starting to takeover our lives. Text messages have killed the concept of phone calls. The total number of messages sent monthly has increased from 14 billion in 2000 to roughly 188 billion in 2010. Everyday Americans receive and send out an average amount of 88 text messages per day ( These statistics show that people are obsessed with their mobile devices, and are using them almost every other minute. Especially high schoolers who send and receive hundreds of texts during the day ( Teens stay up all night sending texts. This action makes teens deprived of sleep, unfocused, and have poor performance throughout the day. Teens even text in class and teachers are oblivious to this…show more content…
The opposing side may say that texting is a faster way to communicate in this busy world. Yes, texting may be a faster way to communicate than calling, but there is a specific time and place for it. The negative effects of texting are, people developing bad habits such as grammar errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors. Additionally, since people get accustomed to communicating via text they lack the personal touch or fail to develop social skills. Texting is also a major distraction to drivers. When drivers aren 't focused on the road they become more prone to crashing. With texting becoming more popular more of these errors and accidents are going to occur
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