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Deborah decides that the family will go on vacation for three months to house in the beach. Flor presents his daughter to the family, and a friendship between Cristina and Deborah begins, the next day Deborah takes Cristina to the mall. When they return Flor was furious and worried and told Deborah in writing latter that Cristina wrote for her, that not do anything without her consent with Cristina. He then called her hypocritical, saying that she did the exact same thing with Bernice, mending her clothes Flor recognized her mistake and apologize, and then they both apologize to each other. After that conversation John and relationship got deeper, Flor decides she cannot take it any longer so will need an intensive English course to learn the language, she knew that was expensive but is worth every penny, for Cristina. Eventually John and Flor fall in love but do not end up together.
The first connection I noticed this movie makes with to our Child development book is about cultural. Differences and diversity is discussed chapter 17. Historical, economic, and social experience produce differences between various ethnic minority groups and the majority the white group.
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identity development does not happen neatly, nor does It happen cataclysmically. The book give multiple example how identity was being portray in some of the characters from the movie, at the beginning of the story said that Flor keep Cristina I in Mexico as long as possible to root her as Latin possible. At the very end of movie Cristina Moreno tell the college admissions, that it would thrill her to be accepted, it would not define her express that her identity rest firmly on one fact, she was her mother
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