Textual Analysis Of Tin Toy

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For this assignment I chose the short film Tin Toy which is a story about toys and the fear of a baby a lot bigger than them. The main character of this short film is a little musical marching band toy sold with the box name of “Tin Toy.” The toy was introduced at the beginning of the film where he was doing his own thing to come across a baby who is giant compared to him. Tin Toy represents someone who can be scared of someone who is very largely compared to him but is not as controlled and represents a threat to the main character the tin toy. The author chose to highlight this message because he wanted to let everyone know that things that are a lot bigger than you can still be taken down but in this story it was told as keep going. The film was very effective at…show more content…
The presentation of the film was effective to how the message was given because the baby doll was big compared to the other toys, which were all very small because they were playing toys for children, the baby had the mind of a baby and would go try and get what it wants. How the baby was given in the story was also effective because it played a role in how the message was given by the short film. My reaction was good as I thought Tin Toy was a good, humorous short film with a good message that would be entertaining for all audiences. I chose this film because the concept was easily understandable and the message from the story was given in an entertaining way. I thought this short film could be funny to younger audiences and creativeness setting in the background helped display the humor. The characters of the story all played a role in the telling of what was happening as when the main character ran in an attempt to hide from the antagonist of the story, the very large baby doll, The short film Tin Toy was very good at entertaining the viewers and displaying a message through the whole short
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