Textual Analysis: The Chapel At Drake

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Parker, these photos are very striking and I love the contrast of the two. From these photos I can see a religious theme developing and I think religion in the city or even mythology within the city would be cool to explore. I really appreciate the first photo and appeals to me aesthically, I 'm typically drawn to dark and suspenseful images and you definitely captured those aspects in this photo. The chapel at Drake is an “eerie” place and the lighting and composition of this photo really capture this. The stark brightness of the illumined table contrast with the dark background which forces my eyes to look at what’s going on. Furthermore, the shadows of the table help to create suspense and drama. The composition of the table in what feels and looks like an empty abyss makes me wonder what the function of this space is and what is happening/going to happen next.…show more content…
The warmth and richness of the colors makes the viewer feel at ease. The contrast of the warm reds/browns and crisp blue hues with the white marble focuses the viewers onto the statue. The angle of the photo helps the viewer to focus onto the apartment buildings in the background. The viewer does a double take and questions where this photo was taken when the foreground and background are viewed together. The mixture of east and west in a diverse neighborhood is really cool and can be used to make political comments fairly easily. Great job and I’m excited to see
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