Authorial Intention Approach In King Lear

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The debate between authorial intention approach and the social construction process is a debate within the textual critics about the history of the book and the way that should be taken in consideration in reading a work of art. In the first few decades of the twentieth century, the authorial intention approach has dominated the textual criticism until a new approach has been revealed to repeal the authorial intention approach or at least to take the domination place in the literary textual criticism and this approach is the social construction approach. Before the domination of the social construction approach there was a debate between the two textual approaches; each side of the debate tried to prove that his approach is the most valid for textual criticism and at the same time they tried to prove the fallacy of the other side of the debate by uncovering the weaknesses of the other side 's arguments. On one hand, the authorial intention critics, like W. W. Greg, define textual criticism as what Greg in his essay "The Function of Bibliography in Literary Criticism Illustrated in a Study of the Text of King Lear" defines it: "the attempt to establish the actual words of the author" (Greg 1966, P. 114). Greg offered three steps to find the…show more content…
Mersault who is not willing to lie about his feelings suffers because he didn 't mourn his mother when she died, the story starts with his mother 's death but he felt nothing about her death, at the end of Part one he killed an Arab, the second Part of the novel is the trial and he is sentenced to death because of his feelings toward his mother 's death not because of committing a
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