Textual Rhetorical Analysis: Unreliable Fairytales

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Looking back at my past papers, I decided to do revise my Textual Rhetorical Analysis. I came to this decision when I noticed how weak my introductory paragraph was. I then noticed that there were other areas that I could improve on within my Textual Rhetorical Analysis. The first thing I changed was my title. Although my title gave a nice introduction to what my essay was going to be about, I thought it needed to be more intriguing. I decided to change it to "Unreliable Fairytales." This title makes the reader wonder what fairytales I am talking about, and how they are unreliable. Also, it relates to my paper because Disney Princesses are a sort of fairytale, and the argument that Stephanie Hanes gives is about the unreliable, negative effects
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