Textual Theme Essay

1297 Words6 Pages Textual Themes The last type of theme existing in the student’s thesis is the textual themes. The table below pictures the distribution of textual themes in the student’s thesis: Table 4.3 The Distribution of Textual Themes in Undergraduate Student’s Thesis Chapter Textual Themes in Each Chapter Percentage Total Number of Clauses Percentage I 44 17.46 110 16.36 II 111 44.04 313 46.57 III 17 6.74 55 8.18 IV 53 21.03 131 19.49 V 27 10.71 63 9.37 Total of Textual Themes 252 100 672 100 The table shows that the author applies textual themes in a higher frequency in her text compared to the interpersonal themes. The number of occurrence of the textual themes is 252 times out of 672 clauses. The occurrence of textual themes in the text…show more content…
[8a] Many people want to learn English, even though it is difficult for them. [30c] The pre-test was conducted before the writer taught in the class. [35c]The post-test was given after the writer taught the materials by using Community Language Learning Method in improving students’ speaking ability. [44a] They are also not confident, shy or uncomfortable if they made mistakes and they were afraid of making mistakes in class because they will be laughed at by their friends. [24a] In reality, however, most students are not able to speak fluently and accurately when (they are) doing conversation orally. [75a] The teachers should give more exercises for speaking while they are teaching speaking. [20a] The mastery of speaking becomes the most important aspect in learning a second or foreign language compared with other language skills, and it can be measured if the students are successful to carry out a conversation in the language. [109b] For increasing vocabulary, there are some ways that can be done by the students, namely: the students can look up or consult the dictionary. [201b] Linguistic knowledge needs to be learnt by the students as it helps them understand a
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