Th Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Robert Frost wrote this poem in 1923. Frost is referencing creation from the perspective of a christian.The poem is about creation and how creation evolves over time. Frost is an American Poet from New England he was very concerned with the 20th century climate. This piece if from 20 century poetry. This poem is a lyric. It is a short and sweet poem. The title's meaning is obvious. Nothing Gold Can Stay implies multiple meanings. It could be talking about youth and death or it could be talking about one particular event in somebody's life. There are a couple words that repeat a couple times in this poem. The words are her, leaf, so, and to . They are repeated because the words are important to express what is happening. The passage of time is in the fall in Eden. The characters aren't really obvious at first. Frost uses personification in this poem.…show more content…
Frost does this because this poem has many meanings and he didn't want to pin point one meaning and stick to. It is important for the readers to fill in the blanks. It could mean one thing to one reader and another thing to the other. Some poems have cultural like behavior or it describes the way people are dressed and it might even have some kind of foreign speech. Nothing Gold Can Stay doesn't really have any cultural details that are in it. This poem is not fantasy. It is reality and we know that because what he's describing is something real not a made up world. The poem is about real life no matter what you think the poem means. The mood of the poem isn't really cheerful and jolly, or mysterious or ominous, it's more just serious. The mood doesn't change throughout the poem it stays the same. The poet's tone isn't playful or satiric, or brash and humorous, the tone is also just serious. There isn't a completely obvious reason why he is so serious, but I know that the poem is more serious and isn't fun and humorous, or sad and
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