Tha Dogg Pound's Impact On Society

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This MC changed the sound of his music based on the type of listeners he wanted to attract; mixing pop and rap allowed for a more widespread fanbase. The songs were often about his rise to stardom while other times about the hardships or fame. Some collaborations included famous artists such as Tone Loc, Big Daddy Kane, Tha Dogg Pound with many others throughout his career. As albums were progressively released they eventually lost a favorable reputation on the charts. At an attempt to reclaim his former glory, He later became just Hammer and tried to connect with the current times where rap ruled the industry yet this was unsuccessful. As time passed, living such a lavished lifestyle had adverse effects financially upon Hammer as his fame declined. He had accumulated debt from copyright infringement lawsuits plus income spent on the mansion he lived in, thoroughbreds, vehicles, and just anything else he owned. It wasn’t until 1996 that all the expenses caught up to the big spender leading him to file for bankruptcy. A large…show more content…
Burrell still makes occurrences on television and performs but has stayed in touch with his spiritual roots by becoming an ordained minister. He has started a family yet doesn’t have their personal lives open to the public as his had been in the past. Hammer has received several awards for his 90s movie and music career. He’s currently creating a positive impact on his hometown community as Oakland’s new tourism ambassador making a decent living. When asked if he would have changed any passed decisions to which he replied with: “I wouldn 't change one thing. I really believe in the butterfly effect. Meaning that if I change one thing, everything else changes. I lose the kids I have now. I lose the relationships I have now. I lose the peace I have now. So I 'm very happy with my decision.” Burrell, Stanley Kirk. “Whatever Happened to M.C. Hammer, Bo Derek, and Pam Grier?”The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah Winfrey. OWN, 2011.

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