Thai Hospitality Case Study

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Case study
A surprising Encounter with Thai Hospitality When traveling, you discover more of the details of a place, it’s people, and of course, it’s food. People watch from a cozy cafe, walk through local markets, and if possible, cruise the countryside to see the way people grow the food you are eating every day. That’s what I did while staying in Pai is a small town in Northern part of Thailand. We found the wooden sign then we parked our scooter alongside and walked up to a Thai man with a welcoming expression on his face. I ordered the juice and he motioned for us to sit at a picnic table under a canopy. Then, the man brought over a huge spread of food. He set down a heaping bowl of bananas, tamarinds, sweet potatoes, banana chips, peanuts,
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For benefit, more tourists will bring more income and revenue to the country. Then people in the local area will generated their job and have more opportunities to create new business to support demand of the tourist. The local people can sell the product, maybe they will develop their product to be more valuable such as Stirred Mango Sheets and Milk Bean Cake. All of these products can be the good souvenir for foreigners because it is unique and cannot find in other country. However, everything always has 2 sides. Food tourism also brings the drawbacks, firstly is about environment problem. Since, food tourism has become more popular it might be effect to the environment people who are related have to concern about how to manage food and drinks waste. All citizen have to “reused, reduce and recycle” the waste to sustain the environment in that ares. Another drawbacks is culture differentiation, for the foreign tourists that have no the knowledge of Thai culture or local culture could be do the mistakes or misunderstanding. Thirdly, overpricing is going to be the significant problem. Due to the fact that more demand create more supply so, some of seller will used this chance to sell the product in the higher…show more content…
This prominent point can be motivated travellers who love to eat to visit Thailand. Furthermore, the government attempt to support food tourism by organised food fair in every year or 2times per year that not only to motivate the international traveller but also want to motivate people in the country to visit. Last but not least, food tourism would be an important part of tourism that can bring more

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