Thai Language Problems In English

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Young-Scholten (1994) considers the reasons for such problems are due to the variety of English which Thai learners remain exposed to, from Thai teacher accents deviating from native English speakers, and differentiating words based on stress is the principal problem among Thai students. The various issues causing these problems include:
1. English words emerge pronounced in the Thai way, and words borrowed, which are not in the Thai vocabulary (e.g. computer, technology). When introduced to these words, students tell themselves they know the words, and refuse to learn the intelligible pronunciation, and continue to use the pronunciation previously learnt, causing misunderstanding of word pronunciations outside of Thailand.
2. Romanization of Thai language influences English pronunciation, and students read “th”as “t”, “ph”as “p, “t”as “d”, and “k”as “g”. The articulation of these sounds influence phonics, and distinguishing sounds creates problems in distinguishing meanings of words.
3. Thai intonations applied into English pronunciation, and English words used directly in daily Thai conversations, impeding further improvement on English pronunciations.
4. Thai style English pronunciation causes students to imitate the pronunciation of the teacher, and since the teachers’ pronunciation is Thai style, the students’ pronunciation will still be the same.
5. Students are too shy to speak in the native accent and tone, and usually considered as “showing off” to
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