Thai Supernaturalism Analysis

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“The prominent positioning of horror within Thai culture,” was the main focus of this article, Horror films as extensions of Thai supernaturalism chapter 5, which regarded horror films as portrayals of Thai supernatural beliefs. This article discussed about how horror movies are resulted from Thai supernaturalism, whereby local Thai superstitions were embedded into horror films, showcasing a portion of Thailand’s culture. Supernaturalism refers to the beliefs in forces, such as spirits, demons and souls, shaping the physical world. Thailand has a culture filled with such mystical beliefs, from appeasing violent spirits (Phii tai hong) by building shrines to believing in curses. This essay would cover the positive and negative points, potential improvements for article, personal examples with respect to this article and how this article fits with the themes of this. This article had merits in the organisation of its ideas, via drawing connections between Thai supernatural beliefs and horror movies. This made him seem more knowledgeable by defining Thai supernaturalism clearly. The author did a great job on portraying numerous Thai stories about the unknown forces impacting the physical plane incorporated in this article, such as the tales of ghosts, such as the story of Mae Nak Phrakanong, “which had at least 30 movies based off it.” This statement was supported by the fact that numerous horror films had also used that same tale as their inspiration. (Arnon and Nak, 2017) The
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