Thai Teenagers And Plastic Surgery

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“Nothing masks a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” (Sophia Loren, 1934). Nowadays, Thai teenagers are interested in their appearance. Most of them are not satisfied with their self-image and their body. So, they try to change themselves to better in various ways. The one choice is plastic surgery. “A surgery that is dedicated to the reconstruction of facial and body defects and also involved with the enhancement of the appearance of a person through cosmetic surgery” (, 2016). It dues to the development of technologies and medical facilities are more efficient than in the past. Moreover, the cost of plastic surgery in Thailand is very cheap and it is an easy way to get access to plastic surgery. So, they lead to the higher rate of plastic surgery among Thai teenagers both girls and boys. The greatest numbers tend to go under the knife is young women. Although the plastic surgery can help the teenagers feel confident in their look, it also has hidden effects that impact on their health, their mind and their body. First of all, the plastic surgery carries the side effect to health. It is true that plastic surgery can change something that teenagers don 't like, but if it is something wrong. They may not ready to admit the bad results. Plastic surgery is clearly dangerous. According to Edwina Rawson, many people act like they do not know the bad effect of plastic surgery and do not fear about the procedure. For example, As Jonathan
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