Thai Woman Vs American Women Analysis

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Thai Woman vs. American Women 
“Girls have an unfair advantage over men; if they can’t get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.”
Yul Brynner
A man once wrote me asking my opinion on how Thai women compare with American women. “What are the Thai women like...are they like American women? I see a lot of American men finding wives hard is it?” 
“It’s as easy or difficult as you want it to be,” I said, intentionally responding to his loaded question without giving him a concrete answer. “It also matters how comfortable you are being alone.”
To answer means stereotyping not one, but two nationalities of women. No easy task, but my answer is an opinion and I am generalizing for the purpose of discussion. 
Men and women have their share of differences, but…show more content…
Even a young man I knew, if a chick was constantly stuffing her face with Bon-Bons, this was a bad sign of things to come. You know the path western women follow; get married, pop out a couple of rug rats, put on 30-40 pounds, and as the man, leaving you to wonder what happened to that phenomenal piece of ass you fell in love with and married. 
These days, fat men and women are the norm, despite this, men aren’t allowed to call their girlfriends or wives fat. Doing so is considered cruel and is grounds for a break-up or divorce, or at the very least a serious pouting session. Of course, American women can call men fat anytime they want and get away with it. TV sitcoms regularly portray men as stupid, fat slobs, who capitulate to their women and rarely say more than “Yes, dear. Whatever you say, dear.” 
It’s different in Thailand, right? Wrong. Sort of. 
The World Health Organization recently reported Thai people are the second fattest in Asia behind Malaysians. So in this way, I guess Thai women are similar to American women. The stereotypical impression of Thai women as small and petite is eroding. The truth is, women come in all sizes, just like lions, tigers, and
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