An Amazing Country Thailand Essay

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In this assignment, I would like to write about an amazing country –Thailand.
Thailand is an incredible goal with palaces, temples, markets, shopping, spas, friendly people, good food and some of the world's best hotels. Thailand is described by travellers as "the west exotic country in Asia", and with good reason. It is composed of a unique cultural colouring, with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, as well as the extraordinary beauty of the resulting range. Besides that, because Thai people are very friendly, very nice to everyone, so people give them a name of “land of smiles”. ((Thiro 10). Thailand is also a best destination for travelling, this is because it is very convenient to travel from Thailand to Vietnam,
Myanmar, Singapore
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Islam is the second large religion in Thailand. Thailand's Muslim population is diverse, there are ethnic groups from China, Pakistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia have already migrated, and include some of the local Thai people. About two-thirds of the Muslim Malay descent in Thailand, although most are no longer speak the language. Christianity did not come to Thailand until the 16th century and was brought by European. There are also a growing number of foreign missionaries evangelical group, who are residents of churches and prayer groups established in Thailand. These are Catholics, at first, but others such as
Christian Baptist then arrived. Christianity is a minority religion, but they did not put the country in English and Latin presses and knowledge. Visitors should dress neatly for all religious temples and monasteries before they enter any temple or mosque. It is acceptable if someone wearing shoes in the small area in temple.
Each Buddha statutes, no matter large or small, ruined or not, is considered sacred. Visitor are not allow to take photo or show any unrespect to them. Monks are not allowed to

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