Thalmic Lab Case Study

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Thalmic Lab is a North American company with main office in Waterloo. Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey and Aaron Grant founded this company in 2012. They graduated from the University of Waterloo's Mechatronics engineering program. Their team consists of scientists, engineers and designers that build the future of wearable devices. Every year revenue of this company is from $1 to $5 million. Thalmic Lab is trying to find new ways to interact with digital devices. The company`s goal is to integrate people and technology. Their first product is the Myo armband. This is a new technology using which people can simply on some distance control computers, phones and all digital technologies. The company Thalmic Lab decided to investigate the possibility of controlling through gestures…show more content…
Moreover, this company is Creative Entrepreneur because Thalmic Labs brought ‘revolution’ into the digital devices. Innovation was created on the technology market. Furthermore, was created a new product, process and method of production. Economic stimulants are the main factors for entrepreneurial activities. In the case of this company, it has such economic incentives as investment and marketing opportunities, new technologies, etc. Thalmic Lab, as I said earlier, has attracted large investment, and create such technology that still had not seen the market. Relative to social theory, entrepreneurship is to stimulate in social culture, influence the behaviour of individuals. The market was in need of some new technology that could attract the attention of the public; therefore, Thalmic Lab created Myo armband. It is a new interesting technology that attracted the attention of not only the public, but also large companies, but this armband is not for everyone. Some customers don’t understand the sense in such
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