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‘Where there is love, there is life.” - Mahatma Gandhi Love creates a feeling of contentment and a sense of belonging in us all. Love connects people together, turns goals into achievements, and encourages us to work hard for our passions. Love comes in many different types and forms. Love may also affect some lives more than others. One such life might be Thanawan Kasee, a person whose life has been strongly influenced by different types of love.
Born on February 23, 1970 into a lower-middle class family, her name was first Kanjana Kasee. Shortly after her first birthday, her elder sister, Aoy, died of tetanus, which made Mr Kasee worried about his daughter’s safety. Following Miss Kasee’s birth were her two younger sisters, Jirawat and Patsaporn. The three siblings all began their education late, as their father only permitted them to go to school at the age of eight, and only then at the school where he taught. Miss Kasee says, “My parents were very protective of me and my sisters, but they also loved us very much. Their affection and care made my childhood happy.” At school, Miss Kasee’s
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Due to her post in Rome, she rarely has the opportunity to meet with her siblings and her parents. The immediate family will fly to Italy once a year, whilst Miss Kasee herself will go back to Thailand twice a year. Miss Kasee also contacts her friends in Thailand regularly through texting, phoning, and video calls. Apart from her Thai friends, she also has a number of close friends in Italy, whom she meets regularly for a meal. Although she had several romantic interests in the past, Miss Kasee has no relationships at this moment. “It’s quite hard, being far away from friends and family.” She notes. “The distance really affects my work quite a bit, but not much because I have friends here, too!” She expresses that although she liked Italy well enough, she would rather work somewhere closer to

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