Thando Case Study: Victoria And Thando's Story

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UNIVERSITY OF THE WITWATERSRAND PSYC 1004 Essay Victoria and Thando case study Tsebo Marwa( 818854) It is unimpeachable that Victoria and Thando’s story is one that is heard all the time amongst South Africans. More and more children are being brought up in “unconventional” family settings, which usually involve a single parent, such as Victoria. This parent is now tasked with the daunting task of having to fulfil the role of both mother and father to ensure the child’s emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. While taking Thando’s story case cognizance, I will critically discuss the different environmental agents that are likely to affect a foetus during an unhealthy pregnancy; I will also look at the effects, both positive…show more content…
The use of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana increase levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the blood and as a result reduce oxygen supply to the foetus. Abusing these substances can cause placental abruption, foetal death and the child may also be born dependent on these substances and thus exhibit withdrawal symptoms. Defects of the genitals, kidneys and brain are also are also likely to occur. Furthermore, the child may have learning difficulties as well as behavioural problems as they get older (American Pregnancy Association). The consumption of alcohol, like most other teratogens, during pregnancy has could result in the foetus being born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome( FAS) and may be subject to mental retardation, learning disabilities, attention deficits, hyperactivity as well as problems with impulse control, language, memory and social skills (Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure at school age. I. Physical and cognitive development, Claire D. Coles, Ronald T. Brown, Iris E. Smith, Kathleen A. Platzman, Stephen Erickson, Arthur Falek ). This is especially pertinent to Thando as her mother, Victoria, abused alcohol during her pregnancy. It is, therefore, likely that Thando might be affected by the impairments exhibited by children with

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