Thank Me Persuasive Speech

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MIKE Dinner is great. KATHY Thank you, Mike. Do your parents live here in town? MIKE No, they both live in Florida. KATHY I always wanted to visit Florida. Never got the courage to step on the plane. Mike and Kathy laugh. Leslie rocks back and forward in the chair. She twirls the knife around in her pocket. MIKE (to Leslie) Honey, are you okay? Leslie stares out. KATHY Leslie, are you okay? Leslie slams her hand on the table. LESLIE Stop talking to my fiancé like you give a damn about my happiness. Mike and Kathy get quiet. LESLIE (CONT’D) You never gave two cents about me. KATHY Leslie, calm down. LESLIE Don’t tell me to calm down. KATHY Honey, relax. I understand your pain. Leslie hops up and stabs the table with the knife. Kathy stares at Leslie in fear. LESLIE You don’t understand a damn thing about the pain I’m feeling. My whole life was filled with your pain. Leslie takes the knife out the table and walks to the other side of the table. Leslie sobs and points the knife at Kathy’s chest. She pierces the top of Kathy’s shirt with the knife. Mike rushes to the other side of the table. Kathy raises her hand to stop Mike. KATHY Baby, don’t do this. Leslie yells. LESLIE Shut up. Shut the hell up. You ruined my whole life. I want you to feel my pain. You disgust me, Kathy. Leslie wipes tears from her cheeks. MIKE Leslie, please put the knife down. The top of Kathy’s shirt fills with blood. LESLIE Mike, stay out of this. My mother is the devil and that’s the truth.
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