Thank You For Smoking Film Analysis

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Persuasion, in Thank You for Smoking Film.
Advertising is all about selling and persuading the customers to use a product or service. Naturally, the art is neither objective, nor neutral. Rather, it entails pleading the case using the strongest as well as the most persuasive means, to inform, entertain and to sell, from time to time advertising is used for inspiration (Stockwood,2005). The art of advertising makes use of graphical, verbal, sound, and textual c tools of communication to construct persuasive messages that result in the consumption of goods as well as services that are offered by various brands in their sales efforts (Egendorf, 2006). Regardless of the way that brands use to establish dialogue with their customers, words and how they are used are critical in developing messages that touch on the susceptibilities of the customers.
“Thank You For Smoking” is a movie that features Nick Naylor , a lobbyist in the tobacco industry that has been tasked with a difficult task of cigarette promotion during a period in which the health hazards of smoking have become hard to be ignored .The lobbyist uses various advertising techniques including twisted logic , argument and persuasion in numerous instances
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Although this persuasion technique is not as clear as the use of pathos and logos in the film, there is one main distinct uses of ethos. The instance is when Joey attempts to convince his mother to give him permission to go to California with his father. Joey presents the argument that his mother is taking out her frustration about her failed marriage on him. Here, the boy appeals to the mothers trust, credibility, and character. This makes her feel guilty for making him stay away from his father. Based on his trust for his mother, he is convinced that she is a good person .He therefore convinces her that as a good person she should allow him to travel to California with his
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