Thank You Ma Am Harriet Tubman Analysis

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In the stories, 'Thank you Ma'am' and 'Harriet Tubman: Guide to Freedom', Mrs. Jones and Harriet Tubman both emphasize the theme and importance of helping each other. Imagine if nobody helped each other. Wouldn't it be terrible? Luckily we live in a world where people do help each other.

In the story 'Thank You Ma'am', Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones demonstrated the theme of helping others. In the text it shows this in the quote, "'You gonna take me to jail?'Asked the boy, bending over the sink. 'Not with that face, I would not take you nowhere,' said the woman." This expresses the theme of helping others, because she could've taken him to jail but instead she took him in and cared for him. This theme is shown again when she fed him
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The quote on page 135, "Always to help people," shows the theme, because it is stating that she helps others. On page 132, it is shown in another way. "..the man named Moses who was running off slaves..." This quote is saying that Harriet Tubman, referred to as Moses by the slaves, was helping enslaved people escape. A third way the theme of helping others is shown is when the story states, "..she returned, as usual, to Dorchester County and brought out nine more slaves..". Harriet Tubman continued to go back even though she was risking her life. A final way, is when it is said, ""She continued to live in this fashion, spending the winter in Canada, and the spring and summer working in Cape May, New Jersey, or Philadelphia. She made two trips a year into slave territory, one in the fall, another in the spring. She now had a crystallized purpose, and in carrying it out, her life fell into a pattern which remained unchanged for the next six years." This strongly demonstrates the theme, because even though she was 'free' she continued going back for more people, so she could help them more. Harriet Tubman showed the theme of helping others, and still inspires people today to do the same, and help others.

Helping people is important as learned in the stories, and demonstrated by Mrs. Jones and Harriet Tubman. In 'Thank You Ma'am' and 'Harriet Tubman: Guide to Freedom'
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