Thank You Ma Am

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In the short story “Thank You Ma 'am,” the main character; Roger tried to steal Mrs. Jones purse, Roger expected to get away with stealing the purse, but instead Mrs. Jones caught him and taught him an unexpected lesson. Roger learned that stealing is not a good habit to get into and that the easy way to do a task is not always the right way to to do it. People learn many unexpected lessons in life at very unexpected times and from unexpected sources, unexpected or not, all lessons are valuable. I have learned many lessons in my life, many of them unexpected. I learn many lessons playing sports, especially soccer. I have played soccer since I was about seven years old, and I have loved it ever since. I now play for the Sartell Middle School team and it’s so much fun! Some lessons that I have learned while playing soccer over the past five or so years are, working as a team always works better, and slow-playing it isn 't always the best idea. There are also many other conflicts while playing soccer, but a big one is that if I need to…show more content…
When I am playing soccer I also try to slow-play the ball sometimes, which means I stop and analyze the opposing team 's player and then quickly dart to the side after a while and try to get around them or quickly pass to a teammate so that they can run the ball up the field. Sometimes slow-playing it works on certain people and sometimes it doesn 't. So I have learned that slow-playing it is not always the best idea, and I have learned to go with my first instinct instead. In conclusion, many different lessons are to be learned while playing soccer, another sport or even just in everyday life. So work as a team, go with your first instinct, and don 't worry about hurting your friend if you don 't pass the ball to them, if they are a good friend they won 't be angry with you. Whether you play a sport or not, these lessons apply to life too, life is a sport for most people, so learn lessons and make the
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