Thank You Ma Am Short Story

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In the United States, a robbery occurs every one minute and thirty seconds. This equates to 6,720 in a week, 26,880 in a month, and 350,400 in a year. In the two short stories, “A Retrieved Reformation” by O’ Henry and “Thank You Ma’am” by Langston Hughes, the themes of redemption and second chances are showed through the main conflicts in the stories. The authors incorporated the two themes by using descriptive words and specific details. “A Retrieved Reformation” and “Thank You Ma’am” have similarities and differences such as shared themes of second chances and redemption, the presentation and delivery of the two themes, and the path the main character takes to becoming a better person. Throughout “A Retrieved Reformation” and “Thank You Ma’am” there are similarities and differences shown in different ways throughout the stories. “A Retrieved Reformation” and “Thank You, M’am” both include similar literary elements that are used to develop the themes of redemption and second chances. The conflicts, protagonists’ growth, traits, and motives are similar in both stories and aids the development of the two main themes. The two protagonists both have their moments of receiving a second chance and redemption in many different ways. One of the main ways that the two stories are similar in presenting the themes is through conflict. In “A Retrieved Reformation”, the main conflict that Jimmy faces is deciding whether he should use his safe-cracking tools to save Agatha from the
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