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When thinking about all of the qualities that help build a strong friendship, always lending a hand will make you stay friends even longer. Being a helpful friend can always make you more of a leader. In both Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco and Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks, the central characters, Mr. Falker and Tricia, and Dog and Magpie develop a strong friendship from Mr. Falker helping Tricia and Dog and Magpie helping each other. The road to building this relationship has a lot of similarities and differences between the two texts. In both texts, Mr. Falker always helps Tricia, and Dog always helps Magpie. Similarly, Magpie and Tricia were both pessimists. Mr. Falker helped Tricia to not be a pessimist and Dog helped Magpie…show more content…
Falker. To start off, Mr. Falker always helps Tricia, and Dog always helps Magpie because they are struggling. To explain, Mr. Falker banishes the bullies from Tricia. Also, Mr. Falker and the reading teacher help Tricia to read better by having Tricia write chalk letters, she has her read a couple words at a time, and a professional reading teacher teaches her. On the flip side, Dog helps by bringing Magpie to his cave to make her feel safe. He wanted to have Magpie feel safe. Finally, Dog also brought Magpie to the lake. When they looked in the water, Magpie saw that things were okay. Another similarity between the two books is that Magpie and Tricia are pessimists, but with the help of Mr. Falker and Dog, both Tricia and Magpie have character change where they use to have self-pity to feeling confident. In Thank You, Mr. Falker, Tricia is a pessimist. Because she didn’t get the additional help she needed, she felt like she was becoming dumb. But, Mr. Falker helps Tricia to not feel dumb. He helped Tricia for about 4 months and she helped her be able to read. She then felt good about herself and she felt confident. In Fox, Magpie is saying that life is the worst. She is a pessimist. Despite Dog’s attempt to help Magpie, she went into the shadow of the rocks and felt her body melt into darkness. Though when Magpie hops on Dog’s back she changed from feeling like life is the

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