Thankful For My Family Essay

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“It is not happy people who are thankful, it's thankful people who are happy.” However, Being thankful is very important because There are many different things I am thankful for, but the people who I am most thankful for is my family. My family is so caring in everything they do. My family drives me places whenever I need to be somewhere. My family drives me to birthday parties, volleyball practice, volleyball tournaments, school, friends houses, and so many other places. My family is so giving. My family pays for everything I do. For example, they pay for volleyball, school, my food, my house, my clothes, and everything I own. They are also very giving of their their respect. They always respect me and show me love in all of their actions. My family is very patient in everything they do. They show me how to be a better person. When I have a problem and need someone to listen to me, they are always there for me. My family is so loving, and everyday, they show me what a loving family is like, and what it should look like. They comfort me when I'm upset. Also, they appreciate me by always caring for me and always being there for me. Finally, my family is very loyal and trustworthy. I can trust them with all my secrets. I always know that they will…show more content…
I have great privilege to go to an outstanding Catholic school everyday that teaches me about my catholic faith. I also get to go to mass every Wednesday and worship god. There, I get to receive the holy communion from our priest. Also, the whole school gets to come together and worship god, and learn more about our catholic faith every Wednesday in the middle of the week. I am so blessed to have a school that has a loving community, honest people, respectful piers, and generous individuals. Every week I learn about Jesus’ miracles, and how much he loves each and everyone of us. All in all, my catholic faith means a lot to me and I am very blessed to get to learn about my faith every

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