Thanks For Not Killing My Son Analysis

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Has your life ever been consumed by not forgiving someone? For this essay I will be using both, “Thanks for Not Killing My Son,” by Rita Schindler, and, “Forgiveness”, by June Callwood to explain why it’s important to forgive someone who had done wrong. Both of these writings involve an underlying message about forgiveness. Each one of them has their own stories about forgiving someone who has done wrong. Everyone at some point has been hurt by someone either mildly or severely and can possibly relate to the message both of these writings are sending. Forgiveness is all about finding closure, making peace, and helping oneself. Finding closure after forgiving someone who has hurt who is a rough thing to do but it can help someone move on. An example of not finding closure in terms of a relationship is when…show more content…
Helping oneself is the first thing someone should think of when forgiving someone who has done wrong. People should always have their own health and wellness as their first priority to them. Not forgiving someone can mentally drain and have a negative effect on someone. If a person’s whole life is being consumed by this one thing that’s holding them back, then they aren’t living anymore. Forgiving takes a very strong willed person, as brushing it off is pretty easy. Forgiving can help with a person with their own growth, and can make them into a better and stronger person. “If people don’t rid themselves of wrath, personal growth stops. The hard part comes at the end of the process. The choices are to enter a state of forgiveness, which is a triumph of generosity, or just to put the matter in a box, cover it with a lid, place a brick on the lid, and move on. In healthy people, a perverse state of mind eventually wears itself out” (Callwood, 2013, p.17) [BLOCK QUOTATION?]. Thus, helping oneself is the main focus of forgiving someone who has done
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