Thanksgiving Animals Research Paper

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I believe that all animals should be saved.Animals show us unconditional love that many of us don 't deserve. It was as if it happened yesterday. I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. with my dad, as we often do. He was playing on his phone and a email popped up from the sheriffs office. I remember him saying to me that he had gotten an email from the sheriffs office saying that they had just seized over 40 dachshunds from a puppy mill. My heart instantly shattered thinking about what the poor dogs had gone through. He said to me that we could get first pick at adoptions because sheriffs office members get first pick. He proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go up there and look for one to adopt. Of course me the animal lover instantly…show more content…
He told me that we were only going to adopt if we can get a puppy so I can train her. I nodded in agreement but to me all dogs need a home not just puppies. We walked in to the section where they were keeping the dachshunds and I walked up and down rows of cages with dogs inside. I was very happy to hear that most of them had already been adopted. As I came up to one of the cages I looked in and at first I didn 't see any dogs. But I looked in the very back and there was this sweet baby curled up in a blanket so scared. She was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. She saw me kneeling looking in and she came up to the cage. I wedged my hand in the cage, not caring that it hurt, and I let her know that it was okay and I would never hurt her. She came up to me out of all people. I asked one of the people volunteering if they would take her out so that I could hold her. They lady told me that she would take her out but I could not hold her because they didn 't know how she had been treated in the past, if she was abused. I thought to my self, how could anyone hurt mans best friend? I just couldn 't fathom it and I still can 't. I told my dad right then that I didn 't care she wasn 't a puppy, she was only two, I wanted her. The lady told me

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