Thanksgiving Conflict Memo

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November Shifts are running smoother. I overheard the older workers discussing how customers are going to slow down from now until January because of the family seasons and how usually customers increase again after income tax season. Additional new member joins the honeybees which makes the total of 4 new workers within the past month. Open until now the decorations went from “Back to School”, to “Working on the Fall”, to it’s “Football Season”, to “Happy Thanksgiving”. One of the older servers who been at the restaurant for years I 've been promoted to manager at a different location. The last workers meeting occurs and it visits all of the minor issues up to date:constant talking amongst the workers, negative attitudes and the use…show more content…
If we do not experience different things, then we become stagnant and will not grow in our everyday lives. It becomes very important to recognize when there is a need for change. When our lives plateau or we recognize that there is a need to improve in some way, then we need to take the necessary steps to make us happy and satisfied. While it is important to learn how to handle different situations, there are many times where we don’t necessarily desire change. There are times when we have no control over what is happening in our lives. Then, there are other times when we become the thought leader or the force driving that change. We have to look at our circumstances, we have to look at our lives, we have to look at the events surrounding us, and ask ourselves what will be our response? How can I take a proactive approach to this situation? For example, if there is someone seeking a job transition, they’re probably in a career right now doing the same thing they’ve been doing for quite a long time. Though they’re very good at their job, they’ve become complacent, and it doesn’t challenge them anymore. They desire to do more, to do something different. That is when they have to begin to say, ‘how do I take these skill sets that I’ve developed and begin to change what it is I’m
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