Thanksgiving Cultural Differences During Thanksgiving Dinner

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During Thanksgiving dinner, there are many delicious dishes sprawled across the table. However, there is one in particular that everyone is waiting for; the turkey. This turkey is the focal point and centerpiece of Thanksgiving, similar to how art was the main focus of the Renaissance. Not only did this time period revolve around the arts, but specifically Leonardo da Vinci, and other reputable painters and sculptors from this era. The Thanksgiving turkey is cooked and carved to perfection, which is comparable to the artistic abilities and expectations of Renaissance artists. Every ingredient is tasted and appreciated by the guests who all praise the work of the chef. During the Renaissance, many techniques and components can be found in the masterpieces of da Vinci, Michelangelo, and especially Giotto.…show more content…
Additionally, Leonardo da Vinci spent years perfecting his “Last Supper,” which shows his dedication and appreciation for art in general. The amount of detail and precision applied to these masterpieces accurately showcases the kind of art valued during the Renaissance. The work of Leonardo da Vinci and many other artists was the focal point of the Renaissance, just like the juicy turkey is the main dish during Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey is what many associate with the holiday, similar to the fact that the Italian Renaissance is recognized for its exquisite

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