Thanksgiving Jw Reflection

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Thanksgiving JW
It is important to me to go and reflect on all that has happened to me, all in all, I am thankful for the year that I have had. This year has been a very important turning point in my life, and as I look back and all the memories I have made, I realized how fortunate I have been in life. There have been many opportunities that I have been gifted that I am very thankful for. This past year has felt like a huge stepping stone into the next chapter of my life; I took my SAT’s, I wrote my college essay, I applied for colleges, and now all I can do is wait and I hope that all my hard work has come into fruition.
Nothing in my life could have been done without the support I have received from those around me, and that is what I most grateful for. This year I have truly realized that my family will always be
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He sees the similarities between himself and Sherlock Holmes. A unique trait of Cristopher is that when he is doing something that is interesting to him, he will detach himself from the rest of the world, and he sees that Sherlock shares this trait when solving mysteries. He feels like Sherlock in that they are both very observant and that they both notice the finer details. More general to the stories, Cristopher enjoys that there are clues and their are things that will throw you off, and he enjoys trying to solve the mysteries as he reads along. As in The Hounds of Baskerville, Cristopher himself tries to solve the mystery of who killed Wellington.
The Grapes of Wrath is one of my favorite novels of all time. The first reason is due to the way it is written, it is so beautifully descriptive, Steinbeck can place you into the story itself, his eloquence in his description of the setting, in my opinion, is unmatched. The novel brought realism and passion that was unmatched in any book that I have ever read.
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