Thanksgiving Movie Analysis

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Jean Valjean goes through a lot in this movie. In the beginning, Jean is released on parole after serving a sentence for stealing bread and for trying to escape prison. He travels everywhere to find a job and a home, but he is unable to find anything for himself. Finally, the bishop offers Jean a bed and some food, so Jean spends the night there. He repays the bishop by deciding to steal all his silverware and escape. In the morning, officers found Valjean with the stolen silverware and brought him back to the bishop. The bishop then says that the silverware was a gift, but Valjean forgot the most expensive piece of silverware. He forgot the centerpiece. The bishop tells Valjean that he should take the silver and do something good with his life. At this moment, Valjean goes through a conversion. Jean realizes that he has to be good, so he vows to start a new life under a new identity.…show more content…
One of his workers ends up leaving the factory and becomes a prostitute after selling her hair and teeth. This worker becomes severely injured after attacking a customer. Once Valjean hears about this, he goes to care for the immoral worker. Later, Valjean learns that a man, believed to be Jean Valjean, is arrested. Unable to accept that an innocent man is going to jail, Valjeans reveals who he is to the court. Jean revealed who he was so that an innocent man would be set free even though he knew he was going to go to
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