Narrative Essay About Thanksgiving

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My Regret
Thanksgiving. This was a time of year that I really enjoyed. I got to see family that I normally never see and to this day am still confused exactly how I am related to most of them. Despite that I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the people, the food, and as cheesy as it sounds the loving atmosphere that it came with. During this given Thanksgiving, I was about 12. I really enjoyed football and liked going down to Samford where my Great Uncle lived to watch football enjoy family time and eat amazing food. My sister and who are around the same age have been doing this for as long as I can remember because everyone else if much older than us. I would say hello to my Great Aunt and Uncle and other much older relatives as we arrived but then would
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We head to my game and later home. Sometime after we get home I learn that it is Chip who is in the hospital and something is bad with his heart. I feel bad because I remember talking to him but don’t worry too much about it since he is a little older than my parents and it seems normal for someone of that age. Weeks go by and we learn that he this whole time has been unresponsive and on life support. One day we get the call that Nattily had decided to let him go and that he has moved on. I was extremely sad because to that date he was the only person in my relatively close family that has passed away during an age of mine where I could really comprehend what happened. We go to the funeral and I don’t know how to feel. After that we go back to the same house were Thanksgiving was held and we all have dinner. I start to feel better since I learn about all the amazing things that happened in his life including how he met Nattily, him opening and running a record store in New York City and his overall love of people but mostly rabbits. I regret this since to this day I wish I had talked to him more during the few times I got to see him and wished him dying didn’t have to be the reason I learned about his life
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