Thanksgiving Vs Christmas Compare And Contrast

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Holidays are the festive days in which families gather around to celebrate. Two of my favorite holidays include Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving holiday is a day to come together as a family to give thanks to God for everything that one has obtained. Christmas is a holiday that revives families, love, and is a new beginning. Although they are both similar holidays in which families gather they also have differences. Some differences between Thanksgiving and Christmas are when the first celebration occurred, the significance, and the modern celebration of the holiday, however the similarities are that both these holidays are days of feasting, both honor God, and they are times to relax with family.
Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621, a holiday that lasted up to three days, becoming a tradition until two hundred years later. This holiday was an invitation from the pilgrims to the local Americans to share a meal signifying the way to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest, and for the previous year. The modern celebration of this holiday is with a delicious meal, and family gathered around. For example the modern meal includes turkeys, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and pumpkin pies. Families, for example mine sit
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Despite their differences in these holidays, they are also similar in various ways. For example, during both these holidays we are set off from work and school to relax, which is the Thanksgiving break, and the winter break. My family all unite at my grandmother 's house, each bringing a dish to share. For example, in Thanksgiving, my mom sometimes makes the ham, my aunt brings the turkey while others bring mashed potatoes and corn. As for Christmas a feast is also being made as we all gather around bringing different varieties of dishes such as tamales, and posole. Both of these holidays honors God. During Thanksgiving we honor God by thanking him by what he has provided us with, and in the Christmas we honor him by celebrating his
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